General Information Of Disabled PalGold(PALG) Marketing Pair

Dear PalGold Traders ,

This is to inform you that ,all the pairs of PALG except USDT,BUSD has been temporarily disabled due to some technical difficulties.

Now, you can trade your fav token in PALG/USDT & PALG/BUSD in various exchange like Dex-Trade , Xt, P2pb2b, VinDAX , Latoken, BankCEX, DODOEX & Pancakeswap etc.

PALG pair which are disabled are mentioned below :-

1. https://dex-trade.com/spot/trading/PALGBTC

2. https://dex-trade.com/spot/trading/PALGETH

3. https://dex-trade.com/spot/trading/PALGTRX

4. https://bankcex.com/exchange-advanced.html?symbol=PALG-BTC

5. https://bankcex.com/exchange-advanced.html?symbol=PALG-ETH

6. https://vindax.com/exchange-base.html?symbol=PALG_BTC

7. https://vindax.com/exchange-base.html?symbol=PALG_ETH

8. https://vindax.com/exchange-base.html?symbol=PALG_VD

9. https://www.catex.io/trading/PALG/BTC

10. https://www.catex.io/trading/PALG/ETH

11. https://p2pb2b.io/trade/PALG_BTC/

12. https://p2pb2b.io/trade/PALG_ETH/

Happy Trading !

Thanks & Regards




PlayAndLike(PAL & PALG)

PlayAndLike(PAL) is to create a platform where people can come and entertain themselves with small videos posted by people across the globe and earn the PAL