General Information Of Disabled PalGold(PALG) Marketing Pair

Dear PalGold Traders ,

This is to inform you that ,all the pairs of PALG except USDT,BUSD has been temporarily disabled due to some technical difficulties.

Now, you can trade your fav token in PALG/USDT & PALG/BUSD in various exchange like Dex-Trade , Xt, P2pb2b, VinDAX , Latoken, BankCEX, DODOEX & Pancakeswap etc.

PALG pair which are disabled are mentioned below :-













Happy Trading !

Thanks & Regards


Dear users,

As PALG Governance Mining is in the final stage, We are launching final mining round from August 31, 2021 & it will run until August 31, 2041 . To ensure consistent PALG mining supply, output and price during this period, we are also adjusting the mining durations for different phases of the PALG mining scheme accordingly:

In addition, PALG Governance Mining will officially go live on August 31, 2021 . Please mark your calendar for the launch!

Total PALG Mining 75000000 in 20 years

Daily Mining 10274 PALG

Invest More & Earn more

Great news !

This is to inform all the traders ,PAL has now been available at heavy discount of 66% in the DODO.

PlayAndLike’s Crowdpooling will start at 08–20 16:35. The total supply is 3,333,333,333,333 PAL, Price 0.000001 BUSD.

Please find the link below :-

Grasp the opportunity soon .

PlayAndLike(PAL & PALG)

PlayAndLike(PAL) is to create a platform where people can come and entertain themselves with small videos posted by people across the globe and earn the PAL

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